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Australian Campervans compared, best car rental

December 21st

I am planning to go to Australia. The land of Oz. Ozstralia, where all the soil is red. The plan is to drive once trough the hole continent.  From bottom to top. From the south to the north. From the cold to the hot. In other words from Adelaide to Darwin. Passing by Kangaru island and the red center with uluru (ayers rock).

This will be most fun with a campervan. Saving money for overnight stay because we can sleep in the van. There are many rental car companies in australia. Most of them offer the same typ of camper. If you don’t go offroad a 2WD is the better option than a 4WD. Lower in price an consuming less gasoline. Also driving faster. For two people a nice campervan is a so called hitop.  They have a bed, gas oven, fridge, water tank and camping tables.  There are some others types also suitable.

Things we considered:
Camper suitable for two people
Has camping equipment
Good Insurance. In case something happens we don’t have to deal with administrative work and money and can enjoy our vacation.
Price in Total (including additional Fees: like one way fee)

Here is the comparisan chart:

Company No worries Australian campervans Britz
Campervantyp Hitop Nomad Hitop Hitop
People 2 2 2
Nr. of Days 22 22 22
Excess 0 220 0
Insurance Fee per Day 20 25 42
Price per Day 53 52.25 73
One way Fee 520 350 0
Additional Cost 0 100 52
Total Price 2126 2149 2704

Not in the comparisment is wicked camper. Some friends made a bad experience with wicked campers. “The cars are old and they don’t care about you”. Also there are not friendly to animals. Wicked looks cheap but they rip you off with additional fees. Wicked camper is not recommended. There are so many better options !
Also other post on the internet write about bad experience with wicked campers.

So back to the better camper van rental companies.

The winner is:

no-worries.com.au is the best option for two people and Australian campervans if you need a camper for more than 2 people. Britz has also nice cars, but insurance is expensive.

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  2. October 26th, 2010 at 14:25 | #2

    @Letter Tray :
    I usually go to the store.
    What country are you in?

  3. October 26th, 2010 at 12:57 | #3

    where do you guys buy camping equipment online ?,,~

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