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Happy 2010 from Switzerland to you!

December 28th

Hi there. I am wishing you allready a very nice 2010! Whatever you are where ever you are.
To celebrate this i have here this funny pictures of the goverment of switzerland. This blocher guy tried to kick out some foreign people out of the country. Instead he got kicked out of the goverment. The goverment here in Schweiz/Suisse/Suiza/Suissa/Switzerland/Schwiizterland, or how ever you call the Helvetic Federation, is called Bundesrat. The Bundesrat are 7 people rulling the country. Each person is elected for is elected for at least 4 years. It is very rare that some get’s kicked out of a the bundesrat. Usually there are old people and retire anyway after a few years, but this guy really got kicked.

goverment of Switzerland

Bundesrat of Switzerland

This is Bundesrat blocher get kicket out of the Switzerland goverment. In the back you can see the Bundeshaus, the goverment building.

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