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On the road in Germany

December 14th

This post is brought to you by hotelsdeutsche.com

Want do drive fast, then go to germany. Some roads have no speed limits. I saw a sign there telling limit of 130 is over.  Be aware that also germany has lots accidents and the speed limit is only higher when the road is really flat an straight. Also germany has traffic jams. Drive fast – Stop faster.

So hotelsdeutsche.com has some hot hotels for some hot cities,

Like block rocking berlin

Berlin Mitte

Berlin Mitte

Berlin Hotels

Köln Hotels

Frankfurt Hotels

Munich Hotels

Die Webseite gibt es in verschiedenen Sprachen. Vergesst nicht mit HRS zu vergleichen.
Es ist aber toll, das es auf der Seite Bewertungen gibt.

— And some thing additional —

For the language specialist who are wandering about the name of hotlesdeutsche.
I checked the name in other languages:

cheaperthanhotels.com  – ok
hotelsenfrancais.con – not ok, should be holtelsenfrance.com
hotelsdeutsche.com – no ok, should be hotelsindeutschland.com or deutschehotels.com
hotelsespanol.com – ok

so the internet is running out of good names. Hope that suvi.org is easy to remind for you.


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