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Online Casino Scandinavia – How casinos are working

December 2nd

This post is brought to you by casinoscandinavia online casino

Ever been to Scandianvia? Finnland, Sweden, Norway or Danemark? Really friendly people are living there. Also its very cold there in winter times, so people are spending a lot of time on computers there. This new site casinoscandinavia that I have the opportunity to write about compare online casinos and ranks them.
They have some really nice graphics of the casinos. Lucky red is my favorit.

This is how casinos work in general: There is big chance to loose and small chance to  win. But if you win you win big. There are lot of player and if you win you win what someone else has been loosing. In general 5-10% of the cashflow goes to the casino 90-95% goes back to the player.  The quote is depending of the law of the country where the casino has it recidence.

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