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November 19th

This post brought to you by Art.com. All opinions are 100% mine.

This is a sponsored post by www.art.com

The folks at art.com have made a new product called photos {to} art photos {to} art  that allows anyone to easily capture and preserve life’s most precious and inspiring moments by transforming digital photo files into stunning, high-quality works of art that will last a lifetime.


So what does that mean exactly you think?
It means that you can have your photos on Photographic Paper lasts 100 years or more. Its made with Acid-free mats are available which help minimize discoloration of the image over time and a High quality and 100% guarantee by art.com

The images are large, easy to see, Everything is done on a single screen and All changes are reflected immediately on a Side-by-side comparison.

Take your own picture or choose from the plenty of artistic pictures at art.com.
Art.com is telling me that they have optimized so much that the price is 40% cheaper than any other side. But me, I am sure that art is priceless, espescialy your own.

You might consider this as your gifts for next christmas, or why not make it a gift for you already?

So have a look  at www.art.com/photostoart/  

photos {to} art

The cool thing is that art.com displays the price in my own currency right away.

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