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River Cruising in Germany

September 20th

Cruising in Germany

Why river cruise lines should consider poker tournaments as onboard

River Cruising

River Cruising

Though there are many ways to travel, old souls prefer the traditional route of
romantics: embark on a cruising journey. Cruising is an ideal way to travel in
Europe because of its many conveniences—no repeated unpacking, self-reflection
while traversing oceans, and various exciting ports of destination. Yet another
fad has emerged in European travel, and rivers are the main focus. River
cruising is the new alternative to touring Europe which has a lot of waterways.
These cruises go from major cities like Vienna and Amsterdam, to the small and
picturesque towns in Austria and Germany. If you want to explore inland Europe
which isn’t accessible to big ships, it’s better to opt for a river cruise.
According to Cruise Critic, another advantage to river cruising is the free
shore tours which include city and village walks. Riverboats try to be as
luxurious as their big ship counterparts, adding amenities like indoor pools
and spas. The staterooms and cabins also boast of marble lavatories and
boutique-style furnishings. If you’re an advocate of the Green Campaign, it
would please you to know that there are eco-friendly riverboats.

River cruise lines don’t fall short when it comes to culture and entertainment.
If cruise ships have educational lectures, artwork galleries, live band
performances, and exotic restaurants onboard, riverboats also offer guests the
same experience. There’s a minor setback, however—riverboats have no casinos,
so poker enthusiasts will have to make their way to land-based casinos for high
stakes poker. This is the only aspect where cruise ships take the upper hand,
with their poker tournaments and table games as entertainment while cruising.
Riverboats should consider adding the excitement of poker tournaments to their
list of attractions, because the public has been clamoring for this kind of
thrill when they travel. With this demand, even partypoker.com’s World Poker Tour
came up with the WPT Cruise to cater to players. Besides, it’s easy to imagine
going through the Elbe River in Germany while engaging in rounds of poker aboard
a riverboat. Incorporating the excitement of poker games within a cruise will
be an added appeal to the journey.

Since riverboats are not as big as cruise ships, casinos are not a requirement.
River cruises such as Viking River Cruise’s Heart of Germany holiday package
(which will pass through Nuremberg, Bamberg, Wurzburg & Rothenburg,
Wertheim, Heidelberg, and Frankfurt) should take inspiration from Australia’s
River Card Poker Cruise. Texas Hold’em tournaments are regularly hosted in the
riverboat, with a Bounty Bonus for the player who wins all the chips from
another at the same poker table. With poker matches on board, there will be no
need to leave the riverboat for your dose of poker action.

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