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ios7 logo

June 13th, 2013 Comments off

ios7 is ready for developpers

ios7 logo

ios7 logo


A simple Message from Apple:


ios7 start developping

ios7 start developping

Reimagine your apps on iOS 7. Download the SDK and start exploring new multitasking APIs, dynamic motion controls in UIKit, Air Drop, Sprite Kit, enhanced video APIs, new features in Game Center and Map Kit, and so much more.

iOS 7 beta and Xcode 5 Developer Preview are now available in the iOS Dev Center.

read here how to install the beta

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apple Iwatch

January 9th, 2013 Comments off

some pictures of apples iwatch. This product is not officially announced yet. It is supposed to have a 1.5″ display and Bluetooth.



Read more…

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TranslatePro translater for IPhone and Android

November 29th, 2010 3 comments

News: At the moment only avialable for Android.
Zurzeit nur für Android erhältlich!

Update: Thank you to the over 22000 Users. Besten Dank an die über 22000 Benutzer.  Merci a les plus 22000 utilisateurs.

TranslatePro is the translator for the Iphone.



TranslaterPro from Bitagentur. Suvi.or is Bitagentur. Bitagentur is the new name for professional IT Service.
The  Iphone translation app is the first program under this brand.

The Iphone Translator Application is able to translate from German to French and viceverca.
Now aviable in the appstore:  onTranslatePro appstore website.

TranslatePro ist das Übersetzungsprogram fürs Iphone.

TranslatePro wurde von unter dem Brand Bitagentur entwickelt. Unter Bitagentur werden professionelle IT Services angeboten.
Die Iphone App kann von Deutsch auf Französich und umgekehrt übersezten.
Jetzt erhältlich im Itunes Appstore  auf  TranslatePro appstore website.

TranslatePro wurde von alls coole App ausgezeichnet:

Coole Translation App

Coole Translation App

TranslatePro et le dictionar pour le Iphone. Traduiere allemange est francaise.
Maintenant aviable sur le Itunes Appstore: sur  TranslatePro appstore website.


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