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TouchCam N1 HD the Video Streaming Webcam with Highdefinition

July 3rd

Do you know Skype? Shure you do. Do you often chat via webcam with other people? It’s a nice feature, but a low resolution camera can stop the fun.
Now there is the FV touchcam N1is the first Internet streaming true HD webcam for Skype video calls. The FV Touchcam N1 can be used, such as video calling between friends and family, business associates, even your clients.

Have a look at the camera the faceVsion at FV touchcam N1

Compared to a Microsoft or Logitech Camera this camera has a much higher resolution. The H.264/MPEG-4 AVC is built in by hardware into this camera. This means that you have your full computer resources while using this camera.

The faceVsion TouchCam N1 is the world’s first Skype- certified webcam capable of delivering full screen 720p streaming video over the Internet. The TouchCam N1 features embedded hardware H.264 encoding, a chip that takes the 720p video and using high-quality encoding technology, squeezes the video into a stream small enough to be sent over a typical Internet connection. And it fits well on Magnetic Table Pads. The N1 also features a best-in-class 78 degree super wide angle lens with fast auto-focus, so several people can comfortably get into the picture. The N1 attaches easily to most notebook computers or flat-panel displays and can also sit on a desktop. Easy plug- and-play installation via hi-speed USB 2.0.

And not only that, when it comes to using Skype with friends orloved ones, it has an autofocus wide angle lens with 78 degree at 720p to ensure that nobody gets left out while making the video call. Really such a brilliant added feature at that! So, what else would you look for in a videocam that is made just for Skype? Simply plug and play the F1 TouchCam N1 to experience its convenience.

The FV touchcam is available through shop.facevsion.com faceVision on line store and other value added partners.
Facevsion is missing the i for vision but not missing cameras. Here is another model:
FV ExpressCombo

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