links to the wired world


www.uhuclan.com freaks on the internet. So long Uhuclan: Rest In Peace (RIP) 1999-2005
www.iezzi.ch one of thos bikers, but whit a cool page
www.phpee.com a fabulous webtracker, needs php and mysql
www.geocities.com/zurichunited/ zueriunited - soccer in zurich - soccer is life
www.jippii.ch minigolf, montagsmaler,... extra cool java applet games, play against others, have fun!
www.topin.ch webcams in switzerland
  ----...now all the ohter stuff you might allready know...---
www.gulli.com if you didn't find your crack yet, try it here
astalavista.box.sk the all time crack search engine
babelfish.altavista.com autotranslate a page
www.swissquote.ch free swiss quotes and stocks
www.nasdaq.com most active stocks on nasdaq
www.lugs.ch Linux user group switzerland
linux FAQ Linux FAQ
Fliegenfischen A webshop for flyfishers
Fliegenfischer Forum DE A forum For fischermans