Projects, some stuff I did so far


Supersize Fedora

HTML Editor

Pick up the phone, here my ring tone. I know, I am not graham bell but someone had to make it digital.
This was me and some other guys who also worked on the telecomunication system. Anyway, if you
communicatE from one end of the world to another, you can be shure one of me bits is going to move
your datas around.

These are my public projects:

Online Addressbook -> An online addressbook with social features as connecting to friends and auto noficiation. (php website).

Global Clipboard -> GCB is an easy way to copy and paste from one computer to another. As well it's open source!

browserspy -> shows what a browser sends to a webserver (java program)

webserverspy -> shows the type of a webserver (java program)

htmleditor -> a HTML Editor for Windows, Mac OS-X and Linux.

mazesolver -> finds the way trough a bitmap maze (small windows program, incl. sample mazes)
------------> The original website is offline, but download this zip: mazesolver.zip

MBIZ - Mobile Business Security -> A secure solution for mobile business, based on sms
------------> (sorry, but the university I studied took the project away from the webserver)