Supersizes Fedora Linux with loads of cool and usefull things


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Linux Fedora supersize


This scripts here supersizes Fedora
Loads of cool things are added to fedora Linux automatically.
1. The skripts ask you if you want to install NVIDIA or ATI proriatary drivers
2. It installs compiz 3d manager, thunderbird email, sunbird calender, adobe flash mplayer, mplayerplugin, vlc, audacious, audacity, bluefish, skipe, filezilla inkscape, mysql, php and unrar.
If you want to exlude an application from being installed it is really easy to modify the skript.

Fedora 12 supersize skript: supersize_my_fedora12.sh

Fedora 11 supersize skript: supersize_my_fedora11.sh

Fedora 10 supersize skript: supersize_my_fedora10.sh

Fedora 9 supersize skript: supersize_my_fedora9.sh

Fedora 8 supersize skript: supersize_my_fedora8.sh

After the download please make it runnable with chmod u+x skripname.sh and run it as root. Only as root user you can install the new programms.